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Its finally here, a project art piece that has been a couple of years in the making. From Artgrinder comes ' THE PAINT YOUR OWN JOHN WAYNE GACY CRAWLSPACE ' free standing art model. These are hand cast, from the original  sculpture by Shane a.k.a. Samhane. A horrifying and realistic looking creation, cast in heavy high quality ceramic and measures 9 inch height, just under 7 inch wide and 1 and half inch deep. The clear white base is ready for painting and for you to watch Pogo come to life in his gruesome surroundings. This is a limited made art piece based around the true crime case of John Gacy. Each one is hand manufactured, numbered and sealed with special Pogo the clown suit candy red and white stripe colours. Will you dare break through the tape and unleash the killer clown? A very limited casting of only 9 models were made and each one is individually hand made and packed. Each model contains an envelope inside that features the following ltd contents : 


Numbered photograph crawlspace certificate applicable to each model cast.


Signed / Numbered photo of the original painted sculpture.


A4 size Numbered sheet of the cover packaging.


John Wayne Gacy ltd edition Pogo face postcard.


This is the ultimate paint your own true crime collectable in ode to the most killer clown of them all : JOHN WAYNE GACY a.k.a POGO the CLOWN.







Sales Tax Included
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