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Bonglizard checks in with LYNX196.9 to talk about his rap career so far. Check it out, Share, Spread the word and drop a comment. Lets get down to it!

Q - Welcome Lynx196.9 hope you’re doing good, much appreciated for catching up and being the first guest online for Bonglizard. Can you drop some knowledge on where you are from and what set you on the road to making music?

A - First and foremost, thanks bro. An honor to be the first online guest for Bonglizard. Slightly nervous, no pressure, let’s do this!

I’m from Bellefield, Jamaica, came to states, harsh winter of 97.

I had a teacher, really big into Hiphop. He gave me Busta Rhymes’ debut album (The Coming). The idea of making music wasn’t even a thought. Though I remember bugging out that Busta was Jamaican. Then to later discovering The Notorious Big was also from Jamaica. I think that’s where the seed was planted.

Q - You deliver lyrics in a laid back, dream like kind of vibe, very tripped out and full of imagery. How did you develop your particular style?

A - Interesting question. I’d say it’s a mash up of cultures that I’ve experienced. Came to the states late enough to maintain my accent and early enough to incorporate a touch of the states into dialect, which morphs the sound/voice to what it is, I’m guessing. Some crazy girl from Canada once said it’s like Voodoo, so there we go, shout out to her, haha. As far as imagery, I like to code my writings which opens up interpretations for the listeners. This gives room to be more playful with audio theme/tone.

Q - Can you elaborate on the early days of your career? and how you got to where you are now?

A - Encouraged by peers, I made freestyle tapes and sold them in high school. Funny, didn’t think to do that until someone asked to buy a copy. Started a group BIGHEADS, briefly put, creative differences. Forced solo, knocked out a few mixtapes (context 1-3), did a few shows.

Had a daughter, went back to school for a few years. I came back with Furlough, produced by Olemac. Though Heavy Eyes, the mixtape, made me take craft seriously and placed me into new ears. This lead to working with Cut Beetlez and creating CBNG with fellow Nice Guys artist, Dirty Winters, which was well received and one of my favorites.

From there, adopted MF DOOM’s, ‘don’t sign me, I’m a make a mill with em’ as a moniker. Basically, now jumping between indies with no compromises on ability to drop my own endeavors.

Though realistically, it’s more of an outlet than a career from my stance.

Q - In your videos you use a lot of cool old film footage and bizarre archival style visuals with a psychedelic tone. I'm a huge fan of many genres. When it comes to movies do you have any favorite films?

A - Too many, one that I recommend is Upgrade, an action/science fiction flick. Bro, please check it out.

That out the way, Adaptation, Slingblade, Batman (89), Rocky (all of them), The Harder They Come, Alien and My Left Foot are up there for me.

For thrillers, Maniac Cop Pt 1-2, Friday The 13th, The Thing, The Desent (underrated) and oh yeah, a lot of vintage porn.

Q - Where does your inspiration come from when it comes to creating a new tracks?

A - Any and everything. I used to create only buzzed; then it became an excuse to get drunk. Anyways, stopped and it flowed the same. Honestly though, I can’t take credit, most times, it just flows and I just capture it. Only secret, I create songs in the moment and never overthink the outcomes.

Q - We became aware of each other via Instagram after I posted a tribute painting to one of my all time favorite MC's Kool Keith. I then got to hear that dope track 'Monkey Chains' which introduced me to your music. From there on we have occasionally worked together via art projects which has been great. You have a new album coming soon with Kool Keith, so I have to ask if you can you give some details on how that got made and what's it like working with the ultramagnetic MC?

A - Yes, yes, I remember, facts. My first song with the Legendary Kool Keith, featuring Dirty Winters. I could’ve died bro, was hype as hell.

For the record, that MADVILLE cover you did for Chill Da God and I was amazing; highly appreciated.

Bandeleros is the name of the project with Kool Keith, produced by Arturo Banbini. It’s a concept joint, outlaws, western backdrop with a cinematic feel. I’ve learnt a lot about writing from working with the legendary Kool Keith. I’m a huge fan of his work and had to bring my A game. Working with him is what made me decide to quit drinking. Though I was just mostly keeping up, surreal experience, went by in a flash. Kool Keith has always been an inspiration and his work ethic is off the charts.

Above : The Madville artwork.

Q - Other artists you worked with who I was introduced to via your music were Dirty Winters, OleMac, Cut Beetlez. Can you elaborate on your work with these and any others you would like to mention?

A - Dirty Winters is my guy, we have a few joints in the works, but bigger than that, we really talk. Olemac, is a part of the foundation and has been a spinal column in the movement. Cut Beetlez, CBNG, til infinity, great guys whose work preserves a dying sector in our art form (experimenting). Chill Da God, fam and we have more fire stirring. Steez Maker is a name you should check for, bro fire with them beats.

Q - When needed what do you look for in an MC or producer?

A - Vulnerability, versatility and most importantly self awareness. If an artist has these traits, they’re usually on point and have something to say/offer.

Q - Who do you rate as some of your favorite rap crews/ MC's from the classic era of Hip Hop?


Q - What about the current era of Hip Hop?

A - None, mostly producers if any and it’s primarily or a collab or feature. Between family, work and projects, I’m too busy. So in my spare time, only listening to music I know I can go to.

Q - Can you Name 5 Albums that are not rap orientated that inspire you?

A - Tapestry - Carole King

Til Shilo - Buju Bantan

Axis: Bold As Love - Jimi Hendrix

Super Ape - Lee Perry

Back To Black - Amy Winehouse

Q -In a world that is going a little insane right now with rising costs, unemployment, NWO, alien invasions, blue beam, wars, destruction, pandemics, etc, more bullshit! its enough to make people flip switch at any time. Depression and anxiety fuck me hard sometimes and it annihilates the drive to create. In this time of extreme chaos we are programmed to live in how are you dealing with it?

A - We could open a whole can of worms on each of those topics. Which would lead into an entire different interview and I don’t know if they ready. I will add this, through all the perils we’ve been facing lately, rising inflation, cost of living, the war, pandemics, floods, aliens, unemployment and an upcoming election year, it’s sad to see we’re more divided than ever, even on common sense issues. No real discussions are being held. Overall, we’re all just locked in our own echo chambers and disallow opposing standpoints. I say that to say, that you’d think we’d be heading in the other direction. Especially now, more than ever that with all these worldwide crises.

I’m dealing, day by day. By staying true to myself, protecting family, minding my own business and by creating.

Q - There's some weird shit going down with all the Alien stuff being exposed at the moment. What's your thoughts on what's happening? and what did you think about the aliens crash landing in Las Vegas, Real or fake?

A - I’ve been hearing about it, haven’t really honed in closely, but scary. Have me questioning. Why now? What are they trying to distract us from? It’ll drive you crazy keeping up with all the madness.

The world is on fire, yet still turning, it’s all by design. Crash landing in Vegas, wouldn’t doubt its validity, out there in the desert, near enough to.

Q - When it comes to the use of AI in music, is it doomed or a good thing?

A - Change is constant, never ending, as with AI, sure we’ve heard the same about other inventions. All said and done, comes down to application, positive or negative usage.

Q - Have you played any live shows that stand out to you in particular? also what's the live music scene like in your area?

A - I did a show once where the dj was too drunk and kept messing up on the tables. After the third song, kicked him off stage and rocked that joint acapella. Was a small venue, worked out for the better.

I can’t say I’ve been paying much attention to the local live music scene lately. I should probably try more.

Q - For the future of Lynx196.9, Do you have any plans or projects in the works?

A - Right now, Adaptation, special project to me. I see it as a debut album because no outside hands, all mine. Now if I could just stop mixing it a million times over. Also, something with Chill Da God and primarily working on production and engineering skills. And last but not least Bandeleros with Kool Keith and Arturo Banbini.

Q - Can you drop some contact links as to where people can check you out and hear your music?






Q - Finally any shout outs or last words you want to say or mention?

A - Much love to my wife Margaret, son Eli, daughter Chevaune and my Moms. For validation, seek no further than family, substitutes are temporary, blood ain’t.

BONGLIZARD - Cheerz Lynx196.9, Thanks for the time and being the first guest - BONGLIZARD Salutes you!

LYNX 196.9 - Salute to you as well, thanks for having me, much love and success.

LYNX 196.9 Keeping an eye on the game!

Well you have to agree that was one amazing, deep and informative first interview for Bloglizard. Be sure to check out LYNX196.9, stop by and show some support for real underground Hip Hop. The links are above and below, so what are you waiting for, go and check them out. This is the Bonglizard signing off so until the next exciting Bloglizard drops, Share, Re-post and if you like it so far drop a comment! CHEERZ!

LYNX 196.9 / ARTGRINDER COLLABORATION VIDEOS 'Madville' cover art time lapse 'Monkey chains' Kool Keith portrait 'Tapestry' Original cover art concept art

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