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When i killed off the Bonglizard comic magazine a few years ago, I was left with the strange feeling of unease that I had no where to write or talk about the films, music, art and mad shit that I encounter any more.....UNTIL NOW! I decided to unleash a new form of BONGLIZARD online... and this is it. Subscribe to the blog for more as I will be show casing new art, comics, also review albums, films, unleash psychotic essays, drop interviews, talk shit, and generally vent my broken skull onto the internet! WELCOME TO BLOGLIZARD!

NOT ANOTHER FUCKIN' BLOG!!!! Well yes and no, why am I writing this, well as briefly explained this has come from the aftermath of what Bonglizard magazine was, it was never really over as I still had a head full of thoughts, ideas and comic stories that hadnt been created yet. The concept was also a way to document the life I was living through comics, drunk stoned blasted writings at 3am in the morning, bad vibes and visions, album and film reviews and interviews with people and bands that influenced the soundtrack to my and hopefully some of your lives too.

After I released the final volume in 2018 I had a sour taste of what the fuck do I do now thats over? I have been smoking on the idea of doing a blog for years, so now its here, Bonglizard is back as Bloglizard and thats that. Im gonna be doing reviews of Metal, Hip-Hop, music releases I have bought over the last few years, films , artist reviews, some interviews and whatever the fuck else drops out of the brain damage inside my head. You can treat this blog more like an online magazine, so hopefully you will like what im doing and join me for the ride.

Although if I really think about it though In the grand scheme of things, who will give a fuck anyway, its just another bunch of words thrown into the endless void of the internet that maybe somewhere, somebody may give a fuck about and if not who cares anyway. That's the essence of what I think about my art too, its just another painting in a world full of paintings, if you dont like it, move on. You gotta do something with time and I like to paint and write days away. Sometimes obsessive behaviour over art creates the greatest of results. Sometimes it feels like a waste of time, yet time does not exist while painting, I cant figure that out. Anyway enough of this madness, please stay un tuned for the up and coming BLOGLIZARD posts, Its early days yet, this is just a test... it has BEGUN! Drop a comment if you can and let me know what you think.

BLOGLIZARD! An Artists art blog for music, film and underground art fans!

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Nov 07, 2023

Awesome news. Glad to see you doing this. I have bonglizard issues 1 and 2. Do any exist that I can buy to catch up?

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