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EARLY MORNING BAD VISION : From a waking thought to the canvas. The creation of a new painting. A modern day horror story.

Updated: Mar 31

IT'S STORY TIME ON BONGLIZARD!!!!! Sometimes I see something in my mind and then have to paint it. Insomnia, over thinking and this strange world are good for images, while lying in a half dream state of non thought this strange picture came to mind. It has taken just over half a year to complete as I worked slowly on this one getting my head back into gear to create. It's part nightmare, 100 per cent conspiracy, part horror, part real life, part comedy, this concept art piece is called : THE END OF HUMANITY. For the first time I wrote a modern day horror short story to accompany the artwork, stay doomed as it could be closer than you think! DISCLAIMER : THIS IS FICTION : Reader discretion advised. #shorthorrorstory #newartconcept #art #artwork #canvasart #story #horrorstory #fiction #artist #bonglizard #bloglizard #blog #newhorror #canvaspainting #samhane

THE END OF HUMANITY - A short tale by S (c) 2024


No one knew what was going on but you could feel it and the warning signs had been there for years. Fish, mammals and all sea creatures washed up on every shore across the world, the forests burned and birds started falling from the skies as the ringing in the air got gradually louder over a number of weeks. Eventually People became really sick over what seemed like nothing, mass psychosis was at record levels although it was all becoming too real as the reality and unreality of everyone's greatest fears manifested and spread like a dark mist.


Ghosts, spirits, demons, entities with nondescript forms of mass beings and every other non dimensional creature ever known and unknown made themselves more apparent. People screamed into the night and day. The dimensions and vibration frequency fields had finally cracked and shifted creating the new era of existence. The human race drove itself insane although it was not going insane, it was just dealing with the new reality. The skies roared with deafening sounds as what had been known as the aliens had also made themselves known. No longer fictional as all reports in history were now true fact as huge ships crossed the sky in varying sizes, lightning bolts of colour shine through the blood red clouds illuminating gigantic beings that could be seen wandering the universe beyond this earth.

Some people were vomiting, gasping and crawling through the streets, some shape shifted into new beings and wandered their surrounding areas eating animals and the unlucky near dead and dying. Large numbers transformed into large reptile figures of their former selves shrieking at the madness. All stores and normal establishments had long been closed, Wars and chaos had recently tore every town apart so the human race was already considered finished, money meant nothing as people starved and survived the best they could and now this, within 24 hours the world would never be the same again. The sounds from the skies were warnings from beyond, the siren to let all know the change was due. What was the evil that spread so quickly, no one knew what happened, the bad feeling everyone had carried around for the last few years was now real. For as far back as people could remember, data was being collected on every individual, the cameras and drones were designed to monitor and control the human species.

Every piece of food ever eaten was manipulated in such a way it would either change you or kill you and it was common news that fast food establishments had been feeding out ground up human flesh with various animals for decades. Kuru was common and parasites had ran through the water supply for years, the poison had taken control. Huge robot machines wandered the landscape as Trucks patrolled the streets with strange creatures driving the wheel dragging out and gathering up all of the last of the children and adults that ever existed. This was the end of Humanity and the clarification that something other than the human race had always been here on earth controlling everything that had ever happened.

Now as the last ever truck rolls into the docking bay of the huge industrial complex, the youngest gathered are bound and gagged, the adults are pushed out onto the concrete as a huge warehouse door opens. Creatures of undescribable characteristics slither all around the last of the new delivered flesh, the final hour was here, the end of days for what was considered the human race.


Guided through to last room deep in the building, the adults had the scalp and skull cap sliced off. Now made ready for the procedure that would remove all conscience life, memories, dreams past and present, thoughts and ideas ready for digital storage. It was future reference for the new life forms that had been created. Within the glass pods, forms oozed with blood and fluids keeping different mutations alive, cross bred species with unknown entities throbbed and gurgled in the metal tanks. The back wall held large holding cases with pale beings with no features, they would occasionally move in the purple gel that encased them. Large Human like reptile forms over 12 feet in stature administered the microchips and injections of mutated pathogens, overlooked by huge vacant eyed aliens, Reptiles and strange men dressed in black that watched and studied in awe. The large goat creature known as Baphomet made an appearance and was eager to write more cosmic jokes into a skin bound book using head blood for the ink. The noise of sonic machines tick and crack all around as laughter and hideous sounds fill the air. Artificial Intelligence robot machines coated with human skin and steel wired body parts check through the new race, stitches run across the heads of the grey quiet forms as their large black eyes look around absorbing its surroundings, this was a new life, a new fresh world for them. The Human race was finally over.


Artwork created on canvas using acrylic paint.


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